Celebrating Three Years On SuddenlyMom

It is very surprising to me that I still have this little o’ spot on the internet.

In Celebration:

The Very First Post (on April 9, 2010)

Little W’s Birth Story (on April 1, 2010)

Backtrack: After The Birth (on April 10, 2010)

What Day is it Again? (on December 30, 2011)

And this is where I must confess that I have yet to write Little A’s birth story on here…and she just turned 16 months old. It is one of those stories I have deep in my heart, as it is one of pure faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty. It is a story of new birth within a live birth- and a story of … well I guess that is why I have not written it yet, because it is still so magical within me and that sometimes is hard to fit into words. I will try though, soon. I have so much joy looking back at these old posts and pictures, and I am glad to have made this journey so far out here, with you all.



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2 responses to “Celebrating Three Years On SuddenlyMom

  1. Lesa Schmidt

    Can’t wait to hear little A’s story! 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    I also would love to read your story about little A. I have my own special memories and think of them often. I made a long trip this past week and can not seem to do it without remembering other times along that same path. 🙂

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