Pancakes & The Sun

We’ve been out in the sun more than inside… even less time on the “big computer” means even less time on this site. We’re  getting  our hands dirty and our shoulders red.  I cherish this time of sweaty work in the quiet outdoors. Someday, hopefully, it will be most of all I do, right along with my family. Ahh.

I tried out these pancakes a few days ago for dinner (we were out of milk but had a whole container of sour cream!) and they were delicious.  They had a similar taste to those pancakes you see on Pinterest that can be made in a single serving yogurt container but SO much better.  Yes, the batter is weird.  The end result is scrumptious.

I recently filled in the last page of my latest journal.  When I started it I was a young married lady of one year who just moved to a new place in an old house and gas was 1.87 a gallon.  And more than once we used pennies to get my husband to work.  The end was May 5, and although it was a large, beautiful journal- there were way too many gaps.  Two moves.  Two babies.  Various jobs and volunteer work on my end.  A few surgeries on my husband’s end.  Some of the spaces were wide and I know things happened in between those pages that are gone. Part of me loves the romance of the here-and-now.  We live and then it is gone.  But part of me loves the legacy, the learning, the wisdom, and the praises to God that fills pages of journals.  So.. more writing in there, less writing on here.

Happy Thursday Friends.


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