Another Good {Food Related} Idea From Pinterest

What?! Containers upon containers of organic spinach on sale for 50 cents because their purchase-by-date was TOMORROW? Hmmm..











Put in freezer bag. Place in freezer. Use when needed.

And with what was left after filling 6 trays…




On an updated note: I have also placed a few cubes in my spaghetti sauce.  It has left the sauce a little green color, and added a bit of flavor, but the girls know no difference and they are getting some more {hidden} greens- although from the picture you can tell they don’t really need it hidden!


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3 responses to “Another Good {Food Related} Idea From Pinterest

  1. Rebecca

    YOU are one smart woman! And those two girls are so darn cute and sweet looking. This is a great idea. Thanks!

    • Well I saw the “freeze cubes of frozen spinach” on Pinterest. We usually use up all our store bought greens quickly so I really have no need to freeze them regularly. But being able to freeze large batches of cheap ready-to-sell spinach works for us, too!

  2. Lesa Schmidt

    This is great! I love it when I run into deals like that….and yes, those little girls are amazingly cute!

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