Letting Them Giggle

My husband usually has the lap-top packed away or at work with him, so I am taking a little bit of time to sit here at the table to type, look, and read away.  I know some people can find lots of things to do online, but after I check my email and maybe my husband’s FB to see if there are any new pictures of my little ones, all I have are a few blogs to click on and then I sit there, thinking, “Well, is this it?”  And then I usually close the lid and go on my merry way.  But today I will write a little ditty.

Both of my girls are supposed to be in their beds, napping away.  The windows are open, the lights are off (which they stay off during the summer days, thankfully!), and I can hear the dryer  whooshing  another load (Wednesday is laundry day- oh… laundry day).  But when all things have a silent moment, I think I hear my  littlest one humming her “ABC’s”.  She must be entertaining her big sister.  But they are mostly quiet, and a quiet bit of giggling while in  their  respected beds is okay by me.  It is just another sweet sound for today.

I will have to ask my mother how she got me and my sister to quiet down and sleep, since we shared a bed when we were young (though much older than my girls are).




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  1. Rebecca

    Having your girls giggling and sharing with each other as they rest is great! Sweet times. You shared a room with your sister from the time you were 21 months old until you were old enough for your own room and she then shared with your younger sister. I usually told you made up stories of wooded animals, etc. 🙂 and then let you listen to quite “restful time” songs on cassette tapes. ~ Remember them? I also used Patch the Pirate tapes that kept you quietly listening until you fell asleep. The wake up morning tape was one of my favorites though. ~Good day sunshine… 🙂 Your dad sometimes still sings: “Hey, we’re the shape fam-i-ly… 🙂 Then remember the tapes your dad played to wake you kids up in the middle of the night when we had to get on the road very early, to make it to grandma Ella’s. Ha ha Phil Collins at his best.

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