House Planting

Even though my windows are open here in warm and sunny Northern Indiana, I have started stocking up on house plants.  Although I have known of the  benefits  to house plants for quite some time, caring for them has always left me a bit clueless.  I have many dead plants in my past! But this year along with a new interest in succulents, I opened up my air filtering plant list and decided to get a jump-start on detoxifying the air in our place.  Right now most stores are selling many potted plants along with their garden and outdoor  varieties, so I am taking full advantage of stocking up for the winter months when we have the heat on and the windows closed.

NASA’s list of air filtering plants

I am building slowly.  We have some ivy, aloe vera, snake plant, and ferns.  The snake plant stays in the girl’s room and has done well with less light than in the living room.  Hopefully soon I can add another ivy or a peace lily to their space.  I am thinking tall wall shelving with various small plants in cute little pots. We’ll see!



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