Heartburn Cure



I’m sure this isn’t new but considering this is my third pregnancy and I had yet to hear of this great cure (with many, many nights of heartburn I tell you) I thought I would share.

When you start to feel that uncomfortable moment of heartburn, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.  I mix it with a bit of water and try to shoot it down.  It is pretty tangy, yes, but it works fast!

(Apparently the working behind it is that the acid of the vinegar causes your stomach to stop making any more,  and therefore your acid reflux/heartburn stops!)

All I know is that I have been using it when I need to and it has worked every time.  Ah, sweet relief.


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  1. Susan McCurdy

    I guess I was out of the loop on the new baby! And I have heard about Apple Cider vinegar…..I needed to hear it again today.

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