Home Education

If you have no interest in home education, this page might not be of interest to you.  In order to keep things together and organized I’m creating this little space to do so.  Since I have very young children and consider myself a relaxed “life is your classroom” educator, this will help keep me straight on what we have done, when.  If you are interested in how different families educate, then welcome.


Summer 2014:   (W&A) Focusing on letter recognition (amid a world of various fonts).  Differentiate between uppercase/lowercase, etc.  Learning about gardening, seeds, spiders, bees.  Mixing colors to make other colors.  Basic cooking ingredients; differentiating between protein, vegetable, fruit, starch, etc. Memorizing Matthew 5:1-10.

Fall 2014: D’Nealian handwriting worksheets (level 2 difficulty).  ASL second language work (Using Signing Time on Netflix).




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